This $26 Hair Coloring Kit Can Give You Salon-Quality Results at Home

This story originally appeared on by Summer Cartwright.

It is now well past the time in quarantine when your roots are making a cute return to your life; we’re now entering the phase in which they take over. It’s dangerous territory. Hide your social security card and passwords. Your roots are going to steal your identity. Sure, there are root touch-up sprays that can cover up your incoming hair for a little while, but how is a touch-up going to fend off a full-blown identity crisis? Are you blonde? Brunette? Is that a hint of red coming through?

Take a deep breath and maybe do a downward dog to steady your heart rate because there’s a rescue team coming to save you, and its name is Madison Reed. The at-home hair coloring kits known for actually producing multidimensional tones are included in a deal right now at Ulta that is too good to pass up. From now until May 10 (how we’ve arrived at May, we do not know), you can shop the $26 coloring kit and get half off a color-reviving gloss. The deal is obviously a great one so kits are selling faster than purses at a designer sale. But all of the essential colors—blonde, brunette, black, and red—are still available, so move those fingers and shop quick.  (Related: How to DIY a New Hair Color—and Not Regret It)


These kits are seriously beloved. They’ve got more than 20,000 reviews and 12,500 of them come with perfect five-star ratings. We tried reading them all, but got distracted by the Gigi Hadid pregnancy news, so here are the highlights (ha, an unintentional hair-coloring joke!): Shoppers say the affordable kits are super easy to use and produce an incredible salon-quality finish. A lot of reviews also mention how long-lasting the color is. “The healthiest my hair has ever looked after using color,” wrote one reviewer. “Lots of compliments.”

The kits include color, a conditioning activator, gloves, a cap, barrier cream, cleansing wipes, and color-protecting shampoo and conditioner—all for $26. You can hardly buy a meal for that amount anymore. Plus, it takes just 35 minutes to achieve your look. Put on the first episode of Normal People and by the time it’s over, your hair will be totally transformed (and also, you’ll probably want bangs like Marianne’s). Oh, and don’t forget about the deal this kit is part of: Along with the color you should grab the color-reviving gloss. Violet for blondes, ash for brunettes, and glass for any hair color are all still available. Your hair will be seriously shimmering for those social-distance walks after using this. (Related: How to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer When You Sweat a Lot)